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Last books for the month [Sep. 29th, 2009|09:10 pm]
NaNoReaMo ~ National Novel Reading Month


No real surprise that I didn't get caught up to my goal for the month, but hey, I'm still on track for my goal for the year. :)

In super-quick succession, here's what I've finished off lately in ebook form:

Doranna Durgin's Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Trap, a media tie-in novel to the TV Show Ghost Whisperer. Not bad for what it is, although I went in not knowing a thing about the show or its characters. Some decently creepy moments, and I've always liked Durgin's writing.

Jennifer McKenzie's Legend Hunter, a paranormal romance about a woman who was the daughter of a Bigfoot hunter she caught faking evidence--and now, ohnoez! A legitimate paranormal investigator wants to hire her to prove once and for all whether Bigfoot actually exists! Again, not bad for what it is. There's a murder mystery to solve along with the paranormal bits, which is what attracted me in the first place; it slants more to suspense than pure romance, so that worked for me.

And, Loreth Anne White's Manhunter, again, romantic suspense. I snurched this one because it's set in the northern territories of Canada, and the hero's a Mountie. Woo! ^_^ Also, points for a First Nations heroine, and a suitably tense and suspenseful hunt for the escaped convict who's come for the hero's head and is quite happy to take out anybody around him to do it.

That gives me, I believe, seven books completed for the month. Still working on seanan_mcguire's Rosemary and Rue, so we'll probably be calling my total 7 1/2. :)